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With over 30 years of software development as a company we can say with confidence we have a proven record in software development. We have developed, maintained and supported our software for a wide range of companies, from local businesses to significant international clients across a range of business practices.

As technology has evolved we have adapted our approach, methods and techniques to reflect the changing landscape. Clients look to us to bring to them the many exciting opportunities that new technology can offer to their business, and to integrate these new possibilities with their current systems and methods. As a Microsoft partner we are able to utilise Microsoft's cutting edge software tools to deliver high quality software to agreed specifications.

Business Software

Systems in Micro business software development

Businesses who have relied on traditional paper based systems understandably often view the leap forward to using business software with trepidation. After all, this is to be expected when a paper system that is tried and tested over many years is replaced with something entirely new. At Systems in Micro we understand how daunting this change may be, and how critical administration systems are to the smooth running of any business.

What can custom software do for a business?

  • Makes businesses more efficient
  • Increased productivity, faster processing
  • Multiple users in a variety of roles
  • Powerful batch data processing
  • Bespoke configurable management reports
  • Developed with scope for business growth

We develop software in a number of ways depending on the specification. We utilise Microsoft .NET and MVC frameworks for the majority of our software solutions. The programming languages we use for development include C#, ASP.NET, HTML/CSS, Delphi and Javascript. For database technology we use SQL Server and Interbase.

Web Applications

Systems in Micro web applications development

More and more businesses are unlocking the potential of the internet by investing in web technology. In the same way that a business website will prove essential to clients or customers, a business application will prove invaluable as an information hub for employees who need to retrieve, input and update their business data from numerous internet enabled locations. Web applications can be accessed from almost any device with an internet connection.

Why choose a web application?

  • Accessible from numerous locations
  • Only requires a web browser
  • No need for clients to install updates
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • User friendly and familiar

Web Applications

Users of web applications tend to enjoy the web style user interface, the ease of operation and their simple and straightforward functionality. Whilst web applications can lack the power inherent in desktop application interfaces, they tend to be more intuitive and quick to learn.

Desktop Applications

Systems in Micro desktop applications development

Desktop applications, also called native applications, are preferable - indeed essential - for any business that can't afford to rely on the internet for its data access and processing. A desktop application is typically hosted on an office network, and users on that local network will access the application from their desktop machines. No web browsers or internet connection is required. Systems in Micro have extensive and wide ranging experience in desktop applications development.

What are the advantages of a desktop application?

  • No internet connection required
  • Very secure and immune to web attacks if not online
  • Sophisticated and powerful user interfaces

Data Protection

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